Husband-and-wife teams searching for, purchasing and then running a business, is a special variation on selecting a partner for a search. Searching with a partner is one of the key decisions a searcher must make before heading down the path to leading a company as CEO for a decade or more. Searching with your spouse can create a fulfilling career and a very strong work/life balance – for both of you.

In my own case, Debby joined me as CFO a year after I purchased my search company and we worked together for 20 years. I could think of no better partner to have along the journey as an operating CEO. While it is not a viable choice for most couples, it is worth examining some examples of searchers who have attained work-life balance and the magic of 1+1=3 that an ideal spousal business partnership can deliver. So, why don’t more searchers pair up with their spouse to search and operate a business?
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