We're excited to host this monthly meetup for women of color in search, with Special Guest Adrian Bracy. Bracy was CEO of YWCA Metro St Louis for over a decade. Prior to the YWCA, she had a career in financial management with the National Football League. She worked for the Miami Dolphins, the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals. In 2006, Adrian was indeed one of the most powerful black women in business. 

Even if you can't turn on video, please be prepared to participate, share and contribute. Through our Searchfunder Meetups, you can network with others in the community and allies, learn about the phases of a search fund, stay up to date on issues and trends in the search community, plus gain tips and tricks to get the most out of your Searchfunder membership. 

This event will be a recorded, live stream on Searchfunder. This event is open to women of color who are Searchfunder members along with members of the public interested in this topic.
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