Searchfunder MeetUp is a networking and information series for those exploring the search fund concept or actively searching for a company to acquire and operate as a CEO.


Doing a Geographically focused search: https://www.searchfunder.com/event/view/613
Women of Color in Search MeetUp: special guest Kenna Craver: https://www.searchfunder.com/event/view/427

How Sticking to One's Search Instincts Can Reap Rewards (Searchfunder Interview). https://www.searchfunder.com/post/how-sticking-to-ones-search-instincts-can-reap-rewards-searchfunder-interview
a. Video:

i. Family & Failure the Emotional Aspects of Search: https://www.searchfunder.com/event/view/456

ii. SOS: Lessons from the Zombie Apocalypse (Story of a failed acquisition): https://www.searchfunder.com/event/view/355

iii. Searchfunder Session: Look, Listen, Let it Go - Lessons from a Failed Fundraise: https://www.searchfunder.com/event/view/418

b. Reading:

i. Stanford Primer

ii. On the Nature of a Search Fund Not Working Out as Planned, https://www.searchfunder.com/post/on-the-nature-of-a-search-fund-not-working-out-as-planned

iii. 5 serial killers of search fund deals (Nicholson): https://www.smeventures.com/insights/the-5-serial-killers-of-search-fund-deals
The Four Seasons of Search with special guest Peter Seligman. https://www.searchfunder.com/event/view/411
SEARCHING AS A TRIO by Angel Alvarez Cadavieco, https://www.searchfunder.com/post/searching-as-a-trio
If you run across service providers — banks, attorneys, brokers, advisors, etc -- feel free to refer them to Searchfunder. You can use your referral link or simply ping or email me and I’ll reach out to them. 

Through our meetups, you can network with others in the community and allies, learn about the phases of a search fund, stay up to date on issues and trends in the search community, plus gain tips and tricks to get the most out of your Searchfunder membership.

This event is open to the public and interested members of the public. This event will be live streamed on Searchfunder.

Our Searchfunder Sessions, S.O.S. and Searchfunder MeetUps are offered at no additional charge to our members as part of their subscription to the community. Non-members are charged a nominal amount to contribute to our efforts in bringing helpful and useful content. Non-member may register here: https://bit.ly/livestream_events.

Photo by Random Institute on Unsplash
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