We're delighted to announce our launch of the Searchfunder Ops Session. S.O.S will focus on approaches, ideas, and operational trends of interest to current and future operators of small and medium sized business. Our emphasis will be on speaking with a broad range of operators, who are facing or have faced particular challenges in and outside of the search fund community. During each Session, you will have plenty of opportunities to network with other operators and ask questions.

We kick off our S.O.S series next week with Scott Fogarty on Being Purposeful about Diversity. Scott is an attorney, who transitioned into the the head of the non-profit, Friends of Trees. He grew his non-profit from 5 team members to a diverse team of over 42 employees, while growing the non-profit's topline every year for 15 consecutive years. In doing so, Scott created a diverse team that served every community within the Portland Metro region.

Our focus will be on Scott's transition from the legal world to his new environment, creating and cultivating diversity in his organization, and the benefits he saw of diversity.

If you have ideas for future topics or guests, feel free to DM me at ^[redacted]‌.