I am considering putting together a club in my MBA program to invest in searcher deals. We'd aggregate small checks ($5k to $25k) from current students and recent alums in an LLC. Searchers could then pitch the club to invest as an LP in deals. The club would likely invest on equal terms with any other LP. The two goals of the club would be (i) generate attractive returns (ii) give future searchers experience sitting on investor side of the table. The club would not take a board seat, for obvious reasons.


1. Do you think being part of such a club would have prepared you better for search?
2. How interested would you be to have this club as an LP on a scale 1-10? Why? What would be your top hesitations?
3. Is there anything the club could offer you to get over those hesitations? In particular, is there a way we could help you close?
4. A bit of context about you (in particular funded/self-funded)