I would like to connect with searchers that are looking for online/digital B2B (mostly) service, and/or SaaS, companies. I would like to compare strategies to analyze and valuate the company, considering the current team in place, customers behavior and financials.

I noticed that a couple of characteristics are quite common for online and digital businesses:
- Scalable platform: due to the nature of the business, online and digital companies can be extremely scalable, with the potential to reach international markets.
- Capability to change and adopt to customers needs: Digital companies have the capability to quickly change and adopt to customers need. This might be attractive, in the sense of capturing new customers and tapping into new markets, but on the other hand it is a risk in terms of management.
- Dynamic competition: The point above can mean that competitors can suddenly adopt and tap into your market.
- Tech knowledge: Although I have lead and participated in several projects of developing and implementing technology, I don't have a pure tech background. Up to which point this might represent a risk for an acquisition of a tech company?
- Lean team structure: companies that mainly provide online services can generate a considerable amount of revenue with a limited staff count. The margins are high, but the risk of loosing one key team member is also high. Not to mention the relevance of the founder(s) in the business. Replacing the founder(s) can be a complex task.
- Behavior pre and post COVID: Several digital businesses experienced steep grow during 2020 and 2021, and it can be tough to estimate grow and project future results.
- Marketing: Companies that depend too much on Facebook and Google marketing might represent a high risk, due the dependence on both platforms and since a change in the search or marketing algorithm might impact highly the revenue generation.
- Sales: do an online business need a business development team, for developing relationships and attracting customers? Or the online marketing can be enough?
- Fundraising: This might be a challenge mainly because of the point above.

Please, leave comments and thoughts about it, and reach out in case you are interested in connecting.

I am looking forward to connecting!