DL Capital Partners has just signed an LOI on a leading telecom business in the Midwest. We’re looking to back a self-funded searcher or an experienced operator by being an anchor investor in the deal and: fund the equity for transaction as well as provide support during the diligence process and with post-close value creation and operations.

We’re looking for searchers who have already launched their search, or experienced operators (preferably in the telecom space). Please reach out directly to DL Capital’s managing partner, ^Searchfunder member‌ via --@----.com

About the Target: Located in the Midwest, the company’s LTM EBITDA is at $1.1m, with top-line growth between###-###-#### of 21% CAGR, average EBITDA margins of ~33%, and recurring revenue of more than 50%. The company is well positioned to become a regional platform.

About DL Capital Partners: DL Capital Partners seeks to be an anchor investor in searcher, operator and independent sponsor led transactions. We aim to support our operators by adding value to every aspect of the transaction, including sourcing, structuring, funding and executing the transaction. Most importantly, we help operators create value throughout the holding period and become trusted long-term partners.