Hey everyone,

My name is Alec Boye. I am a recent graduate of the Michigan Ross MBA program, a former Army officer, and West Point graduate. I am about 2 months into my self-funded search, and would love to connect with folks in this community who may be helpful in my search whether that's investors, intermediaries, and/or fellow searchers. Currently I am in Ann Arbor, MI but my wife and I are moving in a couple weeks to the Tampa, FL area where I'll be conducting the remainder of my search from. Please reach out either through a message on here, or to my email at --@----.com if you'd be interested in connecting! I'd be grateful to connect with any investors who would be interested in a future investment post-LOI, intermediaries who could offer assistance in my search, and also any searchers who'd be interested in chatting (or ranting!) about your experiences. Also, if anyone's located in Tampa, I'd love to meet you in-person!

My acquisition criteria:
Size: $750k-$3m EBITDA/SDE
Geography: Southeast US and Texas
Industry: B2B Services, Manufacturing, IT Services, Wholesale/Distribution