I've fallen in love with a mulch producer in the South. But the deal is a little too small for me to buy and run day-to-day. It would need someone to move there and run the biz hands on.

That said, I'd love to bring a searcher in and help him/her close the deal and stay involved as I love the business.

If you're interested in learning more, please book a quick call with me.

Below are details I can share pre-NDA.

$4.5M purchase price - a combo of land $3.0M and equipment/assets $1.5M.

$3.0M topline $800k SDE

The business makes mulch! Sells mostly B2B to landscapers, but also sells to homeowners in the area.

I love the business for a few reasons:
- Most mulch comes from the Northeast or upper Midwest, so this is going 'right to the source'
- The raw materials are practically free based on how they are sourced
- This is in a growing market with year-round homeowners and building managers who need mulch for their landscaping
- 504 loans are possible due to the land

Here is my calendly if you'd like to learn more. https://calendly.com/mattmatros/in-search-of-searcher?month=###-###-####

Full disclosure - I would take some sort of economics on this, likely a 'river guide' fee, but I'd like to also put equity into the deal.