Live Oak Bank recently provided SBA financing to SEARCHFUNDER, Andy Rougeot for his acquisition. Andy purchased a company that provides access control, perimeter protection, and maintenance services to self-storage facilities.

“Live Oak Bank made the SBA loan process efficient and understandable. I knew where I was every step of the way. The M&A lending team guided me through the process with full transparency and were extremely knowledgeable about what was needed to get the loan funded.” - Andy Rougeot, Rogue Mountain, LLC | Denver, CO

Our dedicated mergers and acquisitions lending team has extensive Small Business Administration (SBA) expertise. At Live Oak Bank, we understand and embrace the search fund model, and we regularly assist searchers in structuring deals so that they are SBA-eligible, and able to enjoy our 10 year term and 10% equity injection minimum.  Live Oak provides SBA Loans for business acquisitions nationally, across all industries, and we also have 15 business verticals dedicated to specific industries.

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