I joined the OnDeck community because I wanted to work on a startup. OnDeck has a cohort model, where it brings in 200ish people at the same approximate stage of their startup journey's. It gave me a place to chat with potential cofounders, get advice from other founders raising, get feedback on our website and product, all from folks in the same general place in their journey. It also helped with the inherent periods of doubt and setback. If I learned anything from startups it is that they can feel awfully lonely when you have to go through those without others in the mud and muck with you.

Has anyone considered something like that with search? It is clear that this commuity is very helpful, but I can imagine it would be great to have a few folks###-###-#### you can count on for those high intensity periods.

Is there infrastructure searchers need that can be shared, where a cohort helps bring down the cost and effort for search? Building proprietary dealflow seems like a huge investment that is then obsolete once a searcher finds something - but could searchers in the same cohort with adjacent search parameters build and share dealflow?

Thanks again to everyone who has responded to my musings the last few days. Really trying to wrap my head around this and figure out when and where to get started ;)