Shout out to all you crazy searchfunders in the GTA ( CANADA )

My friends stopped understanding and hanging out with me when I started my self funded search fund last year, everyone seems to like comfortable jobs, go figure.

Looking to connect with people and rant about all aspects of the search, including but not limited to, greedy brokers, explosive multiples, crazy growth ideas, and everything else related to this lonely journey of searching and hopefully make new friends along the way ( I hope I am not crazy ).

Please pm and connect with me, I am usually hanging in Vaughan, by the metro.



Thanks for the overwhelming comments

wishing us all this feeling :

Update 2:

Would love to meet you all in person or virtually.

Pick a time for our virtual rant here: and lets go crazy

Disclosure: ( please join only if you have a good sense of humour and a strong stomach )