Today I'm releasing a search fund survey for searchers at all stages to answer the FAQs about their search.

Searchers frequently get asked to share their experience with prospective searchers and find themselves reviewing the same concepts multiple times. There's nothing wrong with that, but those conversations could be more productive for both parties if those questions are answered in advance.

Once a searcher completes this survey, they can use it in future conversations with prospective searchers by sending it in advance of their call to provide answers to those FAQs. Then when they eventually hop on the phone, they can be more productive and specific on what questions that prospect is truly focused on.

The larger goal with the survey is to publicly share survey results on my website ( to form a database where any prospective searcher can review FAQs from dozens of searchers, collectively saving many hours of time for both sides.

If you're a current searcher, operating a company, or have already exited your investment, please consider filling out the survey and sharing your experience with those seeking your wisdom and the wider search fund community.