Search Fund Playbook is Live!

Here's the deal. 1 out of 3 Search Funds Fail.

After completing 2 Self-Funded searches myself, and interfacing with hundreds of searchers, I walked away with the following assessment. Nothing really teaches you how to search, nor provides you with all of the necessary tools to be successful in your search and acquisition process.

So, I founded the Search Fund Playbook to close the knowledge gap for both Traditional and Self-Funded searchers.  This playbook has been used over and over again during my own searches and through several other acquisitions with great success.

It's easy to use, affordable, and available to everyone.

Our Search Fund Playbook community will consist of you, the Searcher, as well as our acquisition eco-system of Investors and Other Professionals that can support you in your journey. Our core program and ongoing live learning sessions can help you achieve your goal of acquiring a business.

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