Hi there, 

I am currently testing the potential interest of investors to participate in a Search Fund initiative in the Netherlands. Apart from the geographical scope, the search will be very much focused on the industry as well. 

I will be targeting companies in the coffee industry, such as white label coffee products companies, small to mid size coffee roasting companies, coffee shop (cafeteria)  chains, coffee vending companies for offices and public points of sale. 

Finally, I have experience in the coffee industry already. Based on that, I have specific suggestions for innovations in the coffee supply chain and coffee products. Thus, I believe that stepping on a client pool already available, the client base will expand fast due to these innovations. In other words, there is already a strategic plan and some implementation steps already in place to get the ROI high and fast.. 

Because of the above reason, I would like to talk to potential investors that could like the plan and partner with me in its full implementation. 

Best regards,