Greetings. For anyone interested, I just posted a podcast episode with self-funded searcher Trevor Ewen.

Trevor has implemented a unique hybrid model for his search fund which has allowed him generate revenue to subsidize his search and help generate deal flow. We talk about the pros and cons of running a self-funded search, launching a search fund with a partner, developing proprietary deal flow technology, and more.

You can listen to the episode at the link below or just search "Wisdom.MBA" on Spotify or Apple Podcast. I hope you find it informative and potentially helpful. Take care.[redacted]search-fund-entrepreneurship-through-acquisition-advice-with-trevor-ewen

Below is a list of the discussion topics we address in the podcast:

(1:45) What is a search fund and what skills do you need to be successful?

(7:10) Columbia Business School experience for searchers.

(9:28) Advantages of international search funds.

(12:56) Pros and cons of a focused investment thesis.

(19:42) Acquiring B2B SaaS businesses.

(27:03) Valuing a business early in the process.

(36:06) Launching a search fund with a business partner.

(42:44) Using proprietary software and interns to help with deal flow.

(49:30) School and launching a search during a pandemic.

(1:01:38) Hybrid search fund hedge model.

(1:14:02) Rapid fire questions.