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This month our acquisition deal team office hours will include experts ranging from lending, investors, risk & insurance, legal and financial due diligence. For this event, we'll break out into small groups and discuss important topics with an AMA format as well as other Searchers to meet and discuss their most pressing issues.

Featuring An All-Star Team:
^Searchfunder member‌ / Byline Bank
^Searchfunder member‌ / Gilroy, Kernan & Gilroy
^Searchfunder member‌ / Cayne Crossing
Jared Johnson / First Internet Bank
^Searchfunder member‌ (on Twitter at Lawyer4SMBs) / Clear Focus Law, PLLC
^Searchfunder member‌ / Searcher / Operator Coach & Ex-Halstatt Legacy

Don't get left behind. Join us for an event not to miss!
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