Join us this month as we analyze failures for Search & ETA Success

There is an old saying, "Knock Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight". Our goal this month is to explore things that have gone wrong during the search, acquisition and operation of businesses in the ETA & SMB World. Our experts have a wealth of experience and have found success, but not without seeing and experiencing significant amounts of failure along the way. Come hear their stories so that we can all learn from past mistakes and up our entrepreneurial games together

Our Awesome Panelists Include: Woody Baum, Former Searcher, now CEO , OI Infusion + Elliott Holland, Managing Director, Guardian Due Diligence + John Rood, Founder Greenrood Holdings.

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Special Thanks to Byline Bank / Matthew Dolsky + AspenHR / Mark Sinatra & Guardian Due Diligence / Elliott Holland for their support - we have free searcher ticket / discount codes: BYLINE1021 or ASPEN10 or GUARDIAN10 to get the deal.
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