Research On What Makes a Great Searcher & Successful CEO

This month, we'll be partnering with some Search Fund Ecosystem heavy weights to dig into what makes a great successful Searcher and great SMB CEO.Our panelists all have completed sizable and published research studies.They are not only talking from theorized experience but also from cold hard collected facts. 

With their expertise, deep knowledge, insights and know-how, we're here to help take your entrepreneurial game to the next level. Together.We've got ^Searchfunder member‌ from Endurance Search Partners, ^Searchfunder member‌ from Live Oak Bank and ^Searchfunder member‌ from Stanford GSB together to discuss their research based findings on the Search / ETA Ecosystem. It's going to be a great panel not to be missed!

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I hope you can join us - this is going to be an incredible panel!!
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