Search Fund Coalition Community - We've got some stories to tell you! Our February Panel & Networking event is set for Two's- Day 2/22/22 - Tales from the Search: From Searcher to Operator and Beyond

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Once Searchers. Now Operators & Investors. Sharing Their Stories.The ETA Journey is not to search endlessly, but to acquire and then successfully grow and operate your business.Our Tales from the Search Series brings together expert panelists with different stories of success. They come from varied backgrounds and are ready to share their insights and know-how to help take your entrepreneurial game to the next level.I'm excited to hear the war stories of our panelists Include: ^Searchfunder member‌ Chandler Reed and ^Searchfunder member‌Special Thanks to ^Searchfunder member‌ / Byline Bank+Searchfunder member‌/ aspenHR & Guardian Due Diligence / ^Searchfunder member‌ for their support!
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