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A reflection and celebration for 2020

Connecting The Search Fund & Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Community

The Launch of the Search Fund Coalition and the support we’ve been able to give to the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition ecosystem during the pandemic has been incredible. SFC made some lemonade and pivoted from local events to a meeting place for all of ETA globally.

We’ve engaged with close to 500 Entrepreneurs and the community . We're excited to celebrate our great work together with a year end holiday party Wed[redacted]link:

There will be games, a raffle, laughs, drinks and stories for all.

Thank you to all our supporters who believe in the mission:

Lisa Forrest - Live Oak Bank , David Zawitkowski, CPA - Citrin Cooperman, Nick Haschka, Greg Geronemus, Kyle Griffith, CBI - The NYBB Group, Al Danto & Andrew Sheils - Exit Advisors, LLC, Philip Delvecchio & Robert Napoli - Hapday Group, Jehann Biggs, Danny Fields & Steve Reis, Rina Thomas White, Kelly Bianucci , Ernest Lyles and Karen Spencer -

Most importantly, thank you to YOU - the entire Search Fund / ETA Community for showing there is a need and now a place for us all to congregate. We’re so excited to do great things in 2021.

Now, let’s celebrate!