Eagle Peak Capital Partners

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About this Job

This unpaid internship will involve a hands-on learning experience with many of the core activities involved with running a startup private equity firm. An Associate should expect to develop a fundamental knowledge of the process by which middle market companies are bought and sold. Associates will also gain a working understanding of the industry participants involved in middle market transactions and the motivating factors driving their behavior.

• Pay: Unpaid internship; academic credit may be available • Location: Remote • Hours per Week: ~20 hours per week (flexible) • Duration: 10 weeks+


• Research and identify attractive industries based on Eagle Peak Capital Partners’ investment criteria • Develop investment theses and an understanding of business models for selected industries • Produce lists and e-mail campaigns targeting small business owners in selected industries • Review confidential information on potential acquisitions and business opportunity models • Receive mentorship from Eagle Peak Capital Partners Principal and weekly meetings to discuss progress

Who Should Apply

• Highly motivated candidates who have a strong and proven interest in the fields of private equity, entrepreneurship, and finance • Candidates who have a natural curiosity about how businesses work, a tenacious attitude towards research, and the ability to think independently • Applicants should be currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate institution or recent graduates • Interested candidates should provide a resume through Handshake

Further Information

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About Eagle Peak Capital Partners

Eagle Peak Capital Partners is a search fund that exists to identify, acquire, and operate an existing private company with an initial enterprise value of $10-30 million.

Search funds have been in existence since 1984 and provide a means for entrepreneurs to acquire and run a small business. This occurs through raising search capital, finding a company to acquire, financing and closing a transaction, operations and value creation, and eventually exiting. To date, entrepreneurs have raised over 325 funds, and the search fund model has evolved into a compelling asset class.