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Our client is revolutionizing on-site clean energy. While addressing an existential problem for the world, it will do so with attention to the aesthetics and environmental harmony of its design. Our client has produced an efficient, sustainable device that will provide solar energy in incrementally scalable local installations well into the future, utilizing unused urban spaces in a visually pleasant style. Our client has designed a solar energy gathering device, with its photovoltaic cells mounted on a curved array that is rigid and self-supporting. The cells are protected by a transparent, dust proof and UV resistant plastic shell. The array is sun tracking on both horizontal and vertical axes. The device functions in conjunction with a second device which contains the power electronics, battery storage and a range of user services. This device is scalable and modular. The device architecture facilitates plug and play upgrading to match technological improvements as they become available. Together, these devices can be used to create clean energy networks. Such networks can be scaled on demand and customized to power up to 60% of a facilities' power requirement. They are 40% more efficient and 70% lighter than rooftop solar devices and can be deployed at scale and on demand as a powerful, astute, linked, and efficient clean energy system. Importantly, these networks can be adapted to any site to maximize clean energy generation in populated areas. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Facilities: Relocatable worldwide. Growth & Expansion: This is a huge impact investment with virtually unlimited growth potential Financing: Seller is open to discuss some financing for a full purchase. Support & Training: As required. Reason for Selling: Expansion.

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