As a searcher in the Searchfunder community, one of the things that you may have come to realize, especially if you have spoken with lenders on this platform is that each of them has a specific criteria for the types of acquisitions that they do and do not want to finance, whether that be the industry, experience of the sponsor group, debt service coverage, etc.

The company that I own, Pioneer Capital Advisory LLC, helps searchers with finding the best bank to finance a particular business acquisition based on the specifics of the deal. Essentially, I take the work off of your shoulders, freeing up your time to focus on negotiating with the seller, and the other work streams associated with an acquisition.

I get paid directly by the SBA lender bank after a loan closes and funds, so there is no cost to you as the searcher. If you are interested in connecting, and think that this may be of benefit to you as a searcher, please feel welcome to reach out to me via email at or book a call on my calendar using the link below:


Matthias Smith
Founder / Owner
Pioneer Capital Advisory LLC
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