All-I was a self-funded searcher in 2019/2020 and closed a deal in July 2020 four months into COVID. I wanted to share information about my SBA lender because my deal would have never happened without him.

I was buying a food company with a strong restaurant customer base. My original SBA Lender pulled out once COVID hit, and I had to scramble to find new financing to get the deal done.

Most banks I spoke with had a very narrow view of the opportunity at the start of the pandemic while my lender looked at the 25-year history of the business I was acquiring as well as my own business track record and financed the deal. Since then, he has continued to be supportive with a line of credit and, most recently, an SBA construction loan for a brand new manufacturing/office facility I just built.

If you are looking for an SBA lender who will look at the big picture, you should have a conversation with ^Searchfunder member