A friend of mine has an HVAC company under LOI and is looking for an SBA lender. I would appreciate referrals to direct lenders (no brokers) who may be able to work with the following profile:

- Company is 20+ year old HVAC business in Califonia. Approximately 80% residential, 20% commercial. Mostly repair/replacement with minimal new construction.
- 800k SDE. Consistent over the past few years. The deal will easily meet underwriting cash flow metrics.
- $1,900,000 loan amount inclusive of working capital. Most of it will be goodwill, so lender needs to be comfortable lending on cash flow
- 5% cash equity, 5% full-standby seller note, 90% loan
- Rate should be competitive in the Prime + ###-###-#### % range
- Must be able to move quickly. Most pieces are in place (insurance, licensing, etc.) and we are looking to close within 60 days.