I just want to confirm my understanding of SBA financing. I've had a couple of brokers in the past year tell me I can't afford the business I am inquiring about because my personal net worth doesn't exceed what the SBA loan value would be. 
I typically counter this by saying I have already spoken with multiple bankers about my financeability and the listing is consistent with my ability. I also explain that I believe the purpose of the SBA loan in these cases is to help with the financing because yes I do not immediately have X millions of dollars available to buy the business outright and few buyers do. 
This has never gotten me past this road block. I just want to confirm that my understanding on the SBA is correct and if I am correct why would the broker do this? Are the business financial and tax statements in such poor condition that it wouldn't be financeable on its own (I have seen this before)? Has anyone else experienced this before and gotten around the broker?