To anyone searching in California, I just learned about a state small business loan guarantee program that is active and appears to be an excellent alternative to SBA 7a acquisition loans, for anyone contemplating that route. Details below. If you've actually done this, please share your experience!

The program site is at

- CA iBank guarantees 80% of the loan balance, up to $1M of guarantee (eg. 1.25M loan) with min debt service coverage of 1.25.
- iBank works through 1 of 7 regional financial development corporations (listed on their site).
- The actual loan is underwritten, issued, and serviced by one of their 35 participating lenders - the FDC will refer you to an appropriate lender for whatever deal you are looking at.
- The commercial term loan is 7Y with 30y amort priced at prime + risk-based margin (determined by lender).
- Lenders are much less aggressive on collateral vs. SBA and are used to doing acquisition loans
- They also have an Express Loan product which is a interest only max 150K revolver that converts to 3Y fully amortizing term loan @ 4% interest