I have a LOI out for a company that I'm excited about. The deal is attractive and is a nice fit for the SBA 7a program. I have been nurturing relationships with multiple "bank consulting"/ "business advisory firms" that specialize in the development and implementation of government guaranteed loan programs for regional banks throughout the U.S. In other words, I believe these companies do not offer the SBA loan themselves; however, they are expert at bringing SBA deals together and getting a SBA application approved in a timely manner.

I have ~70 days till the close date on my LOI, so I am very focused on getting the SBA application process started and completed, fast.

Question: does anyone have experience working with these sort of companies? Is it logical to open conversations with two or three of these companies at onset and see who can offer me the best deal? Or does the SBA not work that way (i.e., should I only work with one company and submit one application for SBA approval at a time)?

Thank you for any experience and guidance that can be shared.