Hi folks,

I'm looking for input -- and, ideally, prior examples -- on how to best convey the interplay of the capital stack and simulated returns of a proposed acquisition to prospective investors in my immediate network. Hypothetical deal is: 80/10/10 -- SBA7a, Seller Note, Investor equity (including my own).

Can build these from scratch, I'm sure, but would love a jumpstart:

I think this is a few things:
1. Spreadsheet. This may take form of cap table or simple returns model that illustrates: a) a searcher's promote, b) how the PIK accrues, and c) how returns are paid out
2. Deck/outline. Whatever the most common 6-10 slides are to convey the opportunity.
3. Investor agreement. This may be quite deal-specific, but knowing broadly what it looks like so I can expectation-set with prospects about the likely scope of agreement that they'll need to get comfortable signing.

I'll take whatever you might offer but imagine sanitized actuals would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance,