Hey all -

I'm hosting the first SaaS webinar/meetup on searchfunder next week! All searchers, operators, and investors interested in SaaS are welcome. :)

Tuesday March 9th at 2pm ET / 11am PT
Registration link:

My background: I started Contactually -- a SaaS CRM for realtors and residential real estate brokerages -- back in[redacted]We grew to over $10M ARR, were considered the #1 CRM in our industry, and sold to Compass in[redacted]I now manage a small vacation rental real estate fund / property management co and am actively investing in self-funded search deals.

I'll spend the first 20 mins or so during the webinar walking through the top metrics SaaS investors care about, and ideal metric targets when thinking of acquiring a SaaS businesses. I'll also share the details on our acquisition and what potential buyers cared about.

Please feel free to share any topics here in advance you'd like to discuss! We'll take questions and/or break out into small groups in the 2nd half of the convo.

See you [redacted]