Seeking capital.
Investor(s), I’m a 1.5-year self-funded searcher. Now ready for LOI on an established nationwide warranty business & equipment provider. Seller (no broker) has been “comfortable” earning 40% gross margins on $6mm revenue, but this business is ripe for rapid growth via conversion to SaaS / subscription maintenance. The newest client, a $26B life sciences trailblazer, says "money is no object - we just can't afford downtime," which ranges from $thousands in lost salaries to $millions for a missed product launch. Market is sizable and fragmented: computer-based research, testing, and quality control systems critical to industries from consumer products to life sciences. Systems that cost $50k to $5MM+ are prone to malfunction while service and repair options are scarce and unreliable. I’m an MBA/EdD with 30 years building teams and implementing process improvements, including tech start-up. 20 years working with boards and I appreciate their guidance. Please reach out.

Massachusetts, USA
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