Seeking capital.
SaaS in GovTech seeks acquisition of complimentary SaaS in the same space. (Pre-LOI) Hello everyone, I want to be upfront that I am waiting on the seller's response to my IOI, but my proposal is very generous and I've received some good indicators. I am seeking partners - either equity or debt funding. Will be using SBA financing. My company, Mobilize Comms, is a SaaS that mostly serves gov and non profits. Our product lets you deliver advanced features over text messages - enrollment, data collections, and scheduling. Primarily used by food banks to administer USDA programs, but could easily be expanded for other legislation funded services. Other notable clients include one of the nation's largest Christian groups and a horse racing org. Gross is about 225k and SDE 100k, with debt of about 85k. I'm seeking to acquire a complimentary SaaS biz that deals with grants, and my vision is to combine our offerings and create a new offering that serves the full grant cycle - Applying for, budgeting, reporting, and administering gov funds for programs that help people. Target does about 450k gross and 300k SDE. They have a strong roster of gov/non-profit clients, and with my own gov/non-profit clients, cross-selling to the 2 bases means easy revenue and instant growth! Both of our products have proprietary features, so there are some unfair advantages in terms of barriers to any competition. Deal size expected to be about 900k in SBA financing.

Denver, CO, USA
SBA eligibility
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