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Situated in rural eastern Michigan, this 50,000-sq.ft. supermarket offers fresh produce, meats, store-made baked goods, dairy products, deli meats, bulk food items, lawn & garden supplies, and has a sit-down café. There are no other supermarkets within 25 miles, and there are no towns within 25 miles large enough to justify construction of a new store by the major supermarket chains. The nearest city is 70 miles away. The 20-acre parcel and 50,000-sq.ft. facility are available for purchase at $2,000,000.00, but the owners will consider a lease. The current owners will provide training and transition for up to three months. There are a total of 70 non-union employees and managers, and there is one capable department head who could manage the business for new owners. The current owners will make up to $1,500,###-###-#### of inventory available at closing. This supermarket is currently open just 9 hours per day 6 days per week. This is a strong supermarket business and modern property that should qualify for bank financing with SBA or USDA loan guarantees. Revenues for 2022 were $19,434,836 with Discretionary Earnings of $3,441,576 and EBITDA of $3,162,723. Revenues in 2023 are up 3% and projected at over $20,000,000.

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Michigan, USA
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