Real talk: is anyone else completely OVERWHELMED by the amount of list-building tools that exist out there???

It's the old "Cheesecake-Factory-Menu" problem --- waaaaaaaay too many choices!

"Ain't nobody got time fer dat!"

When I started building my own list back in 2014-ish, I wish someone had just told me exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

Whelp, I've got good news!

If you're keeping your search "local," here are some of my favorite local list-building tools!

Let me know if you get stuck.

>>> Outscraper -- auto-magically scrape Google Maps in your target area (quickly becoming my personal favorite!)

>>> Apify/Stevesie -- good alternatives to Outscraper (last year I used Stevesie to scrape a list of breweries across the state of Texas....please don't ask me why ;)

>>> D7 LeadFinder -- run a free "preview" on the home page and be amazed

>>> UpLead -- pairs nicely with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

>>> Upwork/Fiverr -- when automated tools come up short, go "old-school" and use manual labor to collect hard-to-find data for your list

>>>*Bonus:* DataAxle is actually free with Searchfunder (thanks Luke) -- link here only takes ONE high-quality business to completely change your life. The sooner you build your list, the sooner you can get movin.'

Happy Searching!