The board at Great Western Technologies has 2 IT companies under LOI with 2 debt options available for a $9M loan. The first option is for 10% down, and the second option is for 25% down.

The 3 significant factors that will drive the future growth of this rollup are: 1. It's a pre-syndicated rollup where all the CEOs are already working together. 2. Free cash flow covers the debt service more than 2x, and it has an exceptional board of directors to drive growth from that foundation.
3. The new pre-agreed upon initiatives are ready to start generating new profits.

GWT consists of a board of directors with several years of M&A experience who have participated in transactions ranging from $10M - $200M.

This is a unique opportunity for accredited investors, angels, VCs, and PE to invest in a pre-syndicated rollup.

Please let me know if you would like the one-page transaction overview.

Cheers, Edgar

P.S. We have faster funding for deals $20M+, so we're open to mergers with other MSPs, MSSPs, CSPs, IT SaaS, and IT E-Learning companies.