Hello All,

I’m in research mode on a potential new venture and looking to speak to previous owners who are 60+ years old who have sold their companies to the search community. Hoping to speak to previous owners who fit the following characteristics:

-Friendly and open to sharing their story -Age 60+ (Boomer-ish) -Previous business owner -Sold their business in the past 3 years -Still sharp and not actively in decline (mentally or physically) -Good relationship with current owner (no bad blood or drama)

If anyone has a good relationship with their previous owners who might be willing to have a 15 min call. I would be very appreciative.

Bonus points for previous owners who said “I want to retire” but are too wound up to actually retire and need something to keep them active and mentally engaged. Please message me directly if you have someone awesome who would open to chatting. Thanks a bunch!

Cheers, MJH