I am hoping to learn more about search funds. From reading online, I've gathered that the first step is to raise money from investors. From reading different online posts, I've learened that a fund is setup in "units", and investors who pitch in for the search process are offered a "step-up". Although i know the know definitions, I am having hard time conceptualizing what a unit is and how step-ups work. Are there any helpful resources folks here know about that I could read and further my understanding?

Secondly, I've read a decent amount about valuing a company. There are many methods I've read, including using EBITDA multipliers, DCF, etc. I still feel like I am having a hard time applying what I am reading to a real life example of how this works. Are there any resources (case studies or other examples) that do a good job of explaining how to use the different valuation methods to value a company?