Maybe this is my bias working in tech but it seems like many white collar folks expect the ability to work remotely. I personally like working in the office sometimes but most of all I like the flexibility to decide where and when I work.

That said, I think there are big trade-offs between remote and in-person. Recruiting for remote companies significantly expands the pool of available talent (and increases wage expectations) but I think building a strong remote culture that executes and innovates as dynamically as in-person is extremely difficult.

For folks who are searching for companies which can feasibly go entirely remote how are you expecting to handle this? Are you looking exclusively for in-person, remote-only? Or are you open to either? Are you planning to transition a business to remote-only, or planning to transition a business back to in-person?

Would love to hear from the folks who are searching now and making plans for this but also the CEOs who have had to deal with this decision.