Hi, Searchfunder community:

A couple of weeks ago, I created a newsreel of the Top 20 posts on Searchfunder for###-###-#### I however haven't had a chance to really think or talk about the trends typified by that list. So, I thought I'd take a moment to put down a few thoughts.


One thing remains a constant -- the desire to hear from Operators about their reflections on their search and operating experience. So, if you are an operator who is considering writing a few lessons learned, I hope this spurs you into action to aid the searchers who are coming up behind you, Whatever you have to say will be a valuable contribution to the knowledge base.

Another constant is that searchers' concerns are not immune to the macroeconomic environment around them. Two years ago, several of the top posts dealt with the impact of the coronavirus. (Wow, that feels like a distant memory). Now, the list includes an inquiry on interest rate hikes.


One trend that stuck out for me is that the most popular posts are becoming much more focused on specific scenarios, data, or tools. Four or five years ago, most posts were about how to do search generally. Now, having a general understanding of search is the baseline for community. So, the popular posts are more in the vein of "Here's what I plan to do. I need guidance on this very specific issue." or "Here's what I did and what I learned from it." I believe this indicates that the community is getting smarter year to year by maintaining high levels of trust.

Another trend is that there is a strong appetite for data. SIG's announcement about the release of the Self Funded Searcher Study made it into the Top 20 list even though there were only 3 weeks left in the year when the post came out. Remember, this was just an announcement, not the actual study release. So, I hope others will take a queue and provide data.


If I had to guess now on 2023s Top posts, I would say we would certainly find an entry related to data and an operator reflection. Given the growth of search outside of the USA, I would expect to start seeing an ex-USA focused post or two on the list in the future.

These thoughts were top of mind for me. I'd love to hear your thoughts. The list and links for the Top 20 are in the YouTube video description. While you are there, I hope you'll support the 1 Minute News by subscribing to the channel.