Many thanks to ^[redacted]‌ and ^[redacted]‌ for doing our first substantive Searchfunder Session on the Importance of Industry Information. The video is appended above and will also be on the past events page for future reference.

Here's the link to the presentation:

Approximate Minute: Description

1: How Isaac learned about Searchfunder

3: Isaac's impressions of Searchfunder

5: Industry classification/NAICS - independent credible third party analysis

9: Why does industry research matter

11: What Industry reports are available to Searchfunder searchers

13: Countries covered by IBISWorld

14: Reports popular with Searchfunder searchers

15: Questions that come with the IBISWorld reports

16: Why Searchfunder/IBISWorld partnership makes sense

18: Relevance of the reports to each the stage of the Search

22: Report types -- niche industry reports outside of the NAICS scale

25: Call Prep Questions: Make your first conversation more like your third one

26: Tip & Trick on searching for industries

28: What else IBISWorld offers

35: Impacts of covid pandemic on reporting

36: Accessing IBISWorld media center and macroeconomic updates

37: Content by Dr. Buczynski, lead economist for IBISWorld

38: ^[redacted]‌ and ^[redacted]‌'s contact info.

39: Question: How do SMBE use the reports differently than larger enterprises?

40: IBISWorld's document: "How to Write A Business Plan Using IBISWorld information"

41: Question: Getting variance, standard deviation of industry margins?

42: Question: How to see the Call Prep questions on Searchfunder

43: Question: Any other business models that IBISWorld is considering?

44: Expanding reports into other countries

45: Need for client feedback

46: Creating content on covid impact

47: The roots of IBISWorld back to the days of floppy discs

49: Searchfunder runs on feedback. Please give us feedback on the IBISWorld experience on Searchfunder.

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