Investors looking for regular income should consider investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs). They have high dividend payments and stable policies which make them an attractive option.

While some stocks distribute dividends on an annual basis, certain REITs pay quarterly or monthly. That can be a huge advantage for investors who need extra income and would rather have it now instead of having their money sit around waiting until next April when you get your first check from work!

Here are a few prospects with high yields:

AGNC Investment Corp.

The AGNC Investment Corp. is an investment company with a focus on high-quality mortgage backed securities, including pass throughs and collateralized obligations guaranteed by government sponsored agencies like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

It invests in both government guaranteed and non-guaranteed mortgages to create investment opportunities for its clients through time capsules like the Irving Greenberg Van Kampen Multispeciality Mortgage Fund or single name conduit vehicles such as AG NSA. It also invests in some residential/commercial MMBS that are not outrightly owed to anyone but rather represent loans granted from these two GSE's (FHA).

APPLE Hospitality

Apple Hospitality has been a great investment for those who follow the stock market. The company specializes in upscale hotels, and it owns properties that are managed by different companies throughout North America - primarily Marriott or Hilton brands.

They have been able to maintain stable capital needs while still investing heavily in its portfolio. One of the ways they have done this successfully is by paying an annual dividend last paid out 10 months ago and not monthly since March 2020 and now payout dividends quarterly instead!

Annaly Capital Management

The largest REIT in the world, Annaly Capital Management has assets over $94 billion and is focused on reducing their leverage and have an experience over two decades long themselves - which makes them one of the most experienced firms in this industry niche market abroad even among other giants like Blackstone or Carlyle Group.

For Q4 2021 they declared a per share dividend rate 22 cents which was higher than expected considering how much money has been pulled out from their business since 2020's payout left them only paying off debt instead of creating new equity like before when there were more properties available for rent or sale.

Bluerock Residential Growth

The small-cap trust, Bluerock Residential Growth (BRG), specializes in investing and operating multifamily residential communities. The current portfolio consists of 59 apartment buildings or complexes located throughout the U.S., especially Texas where they own 17 properties with high occupancy rates that average over 90%.

Unlike many REITs which partner up only locally to get access to local real estate markets through partnerships like this one; BRG goes beyond just partnering when it comes into owning property because their expertise lies solely on growing neighborhoods nationwide without fail!

Management at Bluerock Residential Growth has been aggressive in building trust since 2014 and is constantly on the lookout for high-quality properties to add their portfolio. However, as of July 2021 they have changed from paying monthly dividends to only doing so every three months or annually with an annual yield of 5%.

New York Mortgage Trust

New York Mortgage Trust invests in mortgages to earn rental property and non-interest income. The company has invested over $3 billion as of September 30, making it one of the more valuable REIT's out there with an impressive revenue stream from its portfolio investments alone ($2B). Most importantly for NYMT investors though: they get paid regardless if someone makes a deal or not!

The new leadership at New York Mortgage Trust promises to bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach. Chairman and CEO Steven R., who has been replaced by Jason T Serrano this month, is now taking on an executive role as well until December 31st 2022 while Mr. Steven R. becomes the newest board member while retaining all duties which includes being in charge of overseeing financial management practices among other things!

EPR Properties

EPR Properties is a small-cap growth REIT that specializes in two quite distinct real estate sectors. One, entertainment venues such as theaters and theme parks; the other- education - specifically private schools or early childhood centers which offer childcare services. It has properties all over America plus Ontario! Its tenants typically lease their space through triple net leases where operational costs are included along with maintenance service agreements for things like plumbing repairs etc.

The company is one of the best performing real estate investment trusts in America. It typically outperforms MSCI US REIT index but it under-performed in 2020 with a return rate at 5%. They have been paying $3 annual dividends since July 2021.

LTC Properties

LTC Properties, Inc. (LTC) is a real estate investment trust that specializes in senior housing and long-term care facilities including skilled nursing homes for those who need help with daily tasks or memory care services to keep them safe during their golden years; they also own 159 properties across 27 states!

The company currently owns more than 40% percent shares on these types' assets which it manages professionally by leasing them at rates higher than what would be available from comparable rental contracts or mortgages without incentives for early payoff options. As of July 2021, its annual dividend was $2.28 for a yield of 5.86%.