I've spent my entire career focused on sourcing and generating proprietary investment and M&A deals. Prior to founding Evercap Advisors, I was a managing director at a boutique investment banking firm in Houston. Despite the boutique's 30+ year history, we mainly focused on private equity and PE portfolio company buy-side clients (not search funds or independent sponsors).

Alternatively, at Evercap, we recently started working with both search funds and indpendent sponsors. We've found the challenges of uncommitted capital and a shorter history (when compared to PE firms) to be offset by the responsiveness and eagerness of our search fund and independent sponsor clients.

As 2023 approaches, we are looking to expand our retained engagements further into the search fund and indpendent sponsor space. If a proprietary deal sourcing process could benefit your search, I'd be happy to connect. I can be reached at --@----.com