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Our Client is a unified Real Estate Property cloud-based software technology. The Seller is the inventor of a patented lock/unlock, video managing and Building Management Platform. He delivers a proprietary software product for property management, resident and visitor door entry, door security and monitoring, building communications and real-time data and analytics via Bluetooth proximity, digital QR key or facial recognition. Our Client is currently live in 170+ buildings nationwide, primarily in NY and NJ and is in the process of installing in many additional buildings. ● Our Client has numerous buildings actively in the pipeline through many dealer resellers representing hundreds of buildings and tens of thousands of apartment units. A major milestone was surpassing 10,000 billable units by the end of 2022. ● In the past 6 months, our client has garnered close to 2,000 new units, with over a million access events on their platform, from millions of interactions with their system. ● Conservative revenue projections based on existing and new sales relationships show significant recurring revenues, with incremental upside potential. As part of this offering Is a wholly owned subsidiary, a Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and Location-Based Marketing (LB) company offering a unique, location-based, digital media ad network. Our Client has the unified property technology of the future and is the inventor of the patented access control and the Smart Video Door System and Building Management Platform. They have delivered an innovative and proprietary approach to property management, resident and visitor door entry (via Bluetooth proximity, digital QR key or facial recognition), door security and monitoring, building communications and real-time data and analytics. Our Client, through its system, has unified proprietary hardware, software, PAAS (Platform as a Service), mobile apps, web portals and AI technologies to create an intuitive experience that redefines the video smart door, IoT and digital doorman markets. ● Hardware: Multiple models are available and in development for all building entry points. Most are equipped with video cameras, speakers, and touchscreens. ● Software: A touchscreen features comprehensive facial recognition system, building entry data logs, advertising displays, resident directories, delivery, maintenance and vendor resources, building announcements, weather, language options, etc. ● Our Client’s platform allows the API integration of other significant PropTech tools including smart-home technologies, 3rd party vendor services (laundry, gym, etc.), rent payment/management and Property Management Software (PMS). ● Mobile Apps Enable keyless automated entry via Bluetooth, and with MVI myKey ™ tabs for easy electronic access for residents. Additionally, residents can give guests entry remotely and by mobile access control. ● Web Portal: Residents have a dedicated portal for building communications, repairs, and announcements. Management companies can track residents’ information, vacancies, repairs, data, staff, etc. simultaneously for a large portfolio of buildings. The bottom line is that our Client is the missing link in effortlessly connecting all parties in a building complex, significantly improving a resident’s living experience and directly impacting ownership’s bottom line. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: This is a SaaS application that can be run from anywhere. Competition: This is a patented system and as such has no competition. Growth & Expansion: Virtually unlimited; millions of people live and work in facilities which could benefit from our Client’s products. Financing: The seller wishes to refrain from seller financing, but will consider it for a full sale. Support & Training: Seller will provide weeks or months of support to be negotiated at the time of purchase. Reason for Selling: The Seller feels that to take this to the next level, additional capital will be required.

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