As searchers, we must always promote what we are doing! Like it or not, we are SALESMAN and SALESWOMAN at the end of the day. Never stop marketing yourself or your mission. “It's a numbers game!” So I created a semi-passive way to help us promote what we are about…find out more below! #SMB #smbtwit

  1. I use cold outreach, via phone, email, linkedin messaging, etc.
  2. Also I use a platform called to help me source companies and find respective owners.
  3. I use brokers, contrary to belief….be nice to your brokers. They will send you off market listings or listings before they hit the market.
  4. I use social media, twitter, facebook, linkedin to post and promote what I’m doing.
  5. Never rely on one marketing strategy, you need many to survive this game. Its a numbers game!!
  6. This week I created another strategy, I’m going to wear what I’m about. What??? Yes I’m going to let my apparel do the talking.
  7. I hope it helps other searchers add to their arsenal of marketing strategies. More so I hope it creates conversations and ultimately leads to more deal flow for the community..
  8. Where do you find this cheap advertising apparel?
  9. Let's go out there and see if we can accomplish our goals just like (twitter handles) @Fundof1 @SamtLeslie @RegZeller @n8lenahan @WilsonCompanies ​​@AdamRoss_SMB @tsludwig @steveressler @SullyBusiness @pslohmann @Schornack @realrookieceo @JoeCassandra @jdklein33
  10. BTW, if your not following these individuals, FOLLOW THEM NOW!