Hi searchers & co.,

I'm trying to improve how I project changes in my acquisition targets. As it stands, I haven't felt confident that I can spot real EBIDTA growth opportunities. This limits me to focusing mainly on a company's historical performance and its EBIDTA multiple. On the other hand, I've yet to reach post-LOI due diligence; my hunch is that better understanding this process will increase my confidence in submitting LOIs and shopping deals around with investors.

A few prompting questions:
1. How have you come up with ideas or bets for improving company operations? How dependent are these proposals on your personal experience?
2. When do you begin to solidify these ideas and their specific impact on the business? Do they matter pre-LOI? How sure are you of your proposals before close (e.g., while securing equity investment)? And how much are these plans expected to change post-LOI?