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For sale is a rapidly growing e-commerce company in the aromatherapy niche growing at a revenue CAGR of c.62% between###-###-#### . The global essential oils and aromatherapy niche are both expected to grow over the coming years, with the essential oils market forecasted to grow at a c.7.4% CAGR to 2028, reaching a market value of c.$33Bn. The company offers customers a range of premium incense burners and products that come in ten different unique scents, generating c.$35.5M in net revenue with c.60K orders per month at an AOV of c.$56 over the LTM. Additionally, a fully developed meditation and fitness iOS/Android App will be included in the sale, which remains largely untapped and could be a very lucrative growth channel for a new owner. This is truly a rare opportunity to acquire a crown jewel asset that is rapidly growing, has numerous growth channels (in both e-commerce and SaaS), and includes a firmly established team transferring with the sale.

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exclusive representation
New Jersey, USA
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