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Company Overview The Company, located just outside Reno, Nevada, designs, manufactures (injection and blow molding) and distributes a variety of heavy-duty plastic utility containers, caps and spouts, perfect for storing and quickly (and easily) dispensing liquids. The Company primarily sells its products through distributors worldwide and enjoys adoption across a variety of industries such as industrial, agricultural, automotive, motorcycle and other offroad vehicles, among others. Customers use the utility jugs in many applications for storing and dispensing liquids, such as water, fuel, oil, pesticides and other commercial and personal uses. The Company has uniquely designed its containers, caps and spouts to not only quickly dispense but to do so with practically no spillage or overfill, making their products the easist to use, safest and most environmentally friendly on the market today. With it’s sterling brand reputation and unmatched design, the Company is in an excellent position to seize new opportunities and explore further growth.

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Reno, NV, USA
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