Seeking capital.
Sponsor the acquisition of a highly profitable software company with two divisions, in Argentina and in the US. This 15 year old company employs over 110 Employees and serves customers all over USA (Florida, Massachusetts, California, Ohio, Texas, etc) and Canada, LATAM, Europe, New Zealand, etc. Having run and managed this business for the last 20 years, the owners of this company are ready to retire. An opportunity exists to acquire this company and expand into DEFI (Decentralized finances with crypto projects) which is in its early stages. This expansion will expand the company’s reach and target market. Eventually, our goal is to roll-up similar software development companies into a single entity and aim for an IPO. Ideally looking for a Unitranche Sponsor to fund the growth acquisition but we are open to other opportunities. Company has good governance structure in place and management will be staying for at least 100 days Post acquisition to aid the transition.

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