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Our client is offering an SaaS app which allows a user to send customized and automated texts to customers when the user is ready to serve them, such as when a restaurant customer’s table is ready or a special offer is being made. Initially developed to replace the “pucks” in restaurants, our client’s app has shown itself useful in many different industries. The app’s potential customers are limitless and range from bowling alleys to tattoo parlors, driving ranges, fun centers, restaurants, bars, food take out, food buses…. literally any business that has people waiting for a service or product. The app, established in 2017, is a fully developed, integrated and functioning web-based platform. It is tested, has customers, is profitable and is ready for immediate use and roll out. Our client’s app is fully integrated with Mailchimp for onboarding and sales follow up as well as Stripe for automatic payments. As an example, when a customer comes into a restaurant or business, via our client’s app the host/hostess can add that person to a waitlist by entering the customer’s cell number, name and number in the party into the app (there also is a field for notes, such as a ticket/order number for pickup, a note of an anniversary or a request for a favorite server or table). Once a restaurant is ready to seat the customer (or a business is ready for them), the app’s user simply “pushes” a green button. This sends a series of automated and customized texts to the customer. All messages are completely customizable as is the delay between each text. Once a customer has responded, they are removed from the waitlist and the next customer moves up the list). Ready Text is extremely user friendly both for staff and customers. Our client’s app can also be used as a marketing tool, essentially an upsell within the platform. Once a customer’s phone number is captured, the number goes to a database entry specific for that customer. Users can, if they wish, send a blast text to all of their previous customers advising them of “right now” specials. This feature allows a business to drive sales on slow days (the storage of phone numbers can be “turned off” should the app be used in a medical or other environments which do not allow such data capture). The app’s platform has a series of videos which include a demo, and setup and training procedures. Each training video is about 3 minutes long. This insures managers quick and easy training for staff. As a great bonus for our client’s app customers, everything is automated through Stripe so users can see daily sales and at the end of the month (or whenever desired). Through the app’s system, Stripe balances can be quickly and easily transferred to a checking or savings account. The Seller originally developed this platform in###-###-#### It runs pretty much all by itself and has shown a monthly profit. The platform is ready, 100% bug free and fully operational--it has grown to around 100 users without effort. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Financing: If the price and deal structure is right Support & Training: Provided at no charge to enable a smooth transition Reason for Selling: Other Projects

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